Welcome to the Disaster Awareness and Mitigation Network (International) website!

The Disaster Awareness and Mitigation Network (International) [DAMN IT!] evolved over a discussion that Amy and I were having at a coffee shop in Madurai. We were talking about the "ACE" centre at the Tata-Dhan Academy. (ACE stands for Advanced Centre for Enabling, by the way.)

DAMN IT! is all about disasters. Although it sounds like a negative or inappropriately humorous perspective, it is more of a simple reflection of our initial instinctive response when a disaster strikes. Think about it. You get into an accident. What do you say? "Damn it!" Your teacher finds out that you have plagiarized your report and has threatened to kick you out of school. What do you say? "Damn it!" You are in an impossibly difficult national security concern that needs to be fixed within 24 hours (and your name, of course, is Jack Bauer). Again, what do you say? "Damn it!"

DAMN IT! will never be an advanced centre, nor will it ever "enable" anything or provide "capacity building" opportunity. Additionally, DAMN IT! promises to never host a KNOWLEDGE BUILDING workshop when knowledge destroying workshops seem to be so much more beneficial and much more fitting in DAMN IT!'s tematic focus area.

Damn It! I have to slap my head?

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